Friday, July 21, 2006

IOM report on medication errors

Although this report is available now only in prepub version, it is highly likely to be influential.
One of the editors (Philip Aspden) was a speaker in the MLA webcast on patient safety last November.

Preventing Medication Errors: Quality Chasm Series.
Committee on Identifying and Preventing Medication Errors, Aspden P, Wolcott J, Bootman JL, Cronenwett LR, eds. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press; 2007.

I am anxious to look through it at find pearls that will inform and enhance the role of information and knowledge sharing in patient safety.

Watch here for further discussion after I read the report!



justapatient said...

Hi, Lori. It's "justapatient". I flagged down the PR release and check-
ed out the members of the committee. I was suspicious because I found some familiar phrases in 3rd section entitled "Improving the Patient-Provider Partnership". Sure 'nuff, I found a dear friend in the mix - Jim Conway of IHI and Dana-Farber. Jim is on the frontier of patient-controlled medical treatment and medical care patient rights and expectations. You might choose to write him and ask him for his aggregate statement of "patient expections - 100% of the Time."

Bill Wright, justapatient

Lorri Zipperer said...

Hi Bill.

Jim is a terrific proponet of patients and their role in safety. He has also been invovled recently in looking at how the profession of librarianship can help in the quest for safer care. So, for purposes of this conversation, I'll throw a similar question back to you (and other consumers who might weigh in): how can librarians and other informaton professionals help healthcare contribute to those "expectations?"