Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Evidence-based information sharing standards change

As you may be aware, the Joint Commission is in the process of what they are calling a “Standards Improvement Initiative (SII)”, which includes the deletion of IM.4.10 (Information-Based Decision Making) and IM.5.10 (Knowledge-Based Information). The elimination of both standards is detrimental to medical libraries, which in turn is detrimental to the provision of safe and fully information patient care. Leadership from the Medical Library Association are actively working to persuade the Commission to rethink this decision.

In the meantime, if anyone has strong feelings about this issue, please complete the proposed changes survey (See the link below.) In the survey, there are boxes to include comments and if you have data or published resources that illustrate the imporance of reliable access to the evidence in regards to patient safety, please include them and/or share them with us to help bolster any advocacy against the change.

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Lorri Zipperer said...

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Jeannine Gluck writes:

As the former MLA Liaison to the JCAHO (at the time of the last revision) I would like to add that it is important that the JC know that people other than hospital librarians consider this standard to be worth keeping. Apart from all the good reasons for keeping hospital libraries, the JC realizes that a big part of why we (librarians) care about this is that many of our jobs are at stake. If they also hear from others, such as physicians, hospital administrators, nursing educators, medical education personnel, etc., who use our services, that will make a bigger impact on them. Please get anyone you can to write in support of IM.5.10—and yes, please still write your own letter or fill out your own survey as well.


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