Thursday, April 17, 2008

Learning Organization assessment tool

I wanted to share this article:

Garvin DA, Edmondson AC, Gino F.
Is yours a learning organization? Harv Bus Rev. 2008;86:109-116.

It's worth a look. They mention two examples that relate to the health care field. Edmondson has done a lot of work in the organizational behavior world in health care, so she is aware of the environment and how it can affect the way people in it interact. I love the fact the authors have crafted some measurable elements of a learning organziation, which of course, involves knowledge management, whether they use that word or not.

They also provide access to the tool they used and provide some benchmarks, which will be helpful for anyone trying to begin to understand how their organization learns, and if they efforts they put in place will have any impact over time.

One of the things I'd appreciate some discussion on is that they don't really differentiate between knowledge, information and evidence here. Do others feel that those terms need to be more explictly defined if we do any "deep dive" on the impact of KM initiatives and the professionals that faciltiate them?

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