Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A decade since to Err is Human and the role of librarians in patient safety

There are discussions happening throughout health care this week around what has improved since "To Err is Human" was released a decade ago.

Do any librarians have any memories related to this event, that has been hailed by some as the launch of the "modern" patient safety movement? Any thoughts around what has happened to impact the librarians role in patient safety work since then? For non-librarians, do you have any thoughts on how your work with librarians may have changed in regard to your implementation of safety initiatives?

One step in the right direction was the development and distribution of the MLA policy around the librarian's role in patient safety earlier this year but I'd love to hear about changes at the organizational level.

My own work has demonstrated some uptake and improvements, but I'd love to hear some stories from the field.

Please share!