Monday, June 28, 2010

Reliability and information/knowledge sharing vulnerabilities

Last week I was honored to present (with my able colleague Susan Carr / PSQH ) a webinar for the National Patient Safety Foundation. The slides for the session and an audio recording are available for 90 days. (You need to register to get at the material). I have been intrigued by the issues related to the lack of reliability and concreteness in how organizations and individuals access information and knowledge to further their safety work. I have written on it in the past and have been talking about it in a variety of forums for years. Why are we so overconfident that we are fully "up to speed" on safety and able to use the experience of our colleagues and the existing evidence to ensure our work is fully informed? Is it a consequence of google, over confidence, or arrogance? What is more troubling is that no one seems to be talking about it? Please listen in if you can, and view the slides and weigh in here. I'd appreciate the dialogue -- and imagine that some where along the road the person who is better equipped to be fully informed will appreciate our proactive exploration of the topic as well.

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