Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The value of sharing stories ... a request to hear some!

What Flavor Lifesaver are you?
Barb Jones
(used with permission: )

As a health sciences librarian, your work buoys the diagnosis and treatment of many people in many different ways. What activities do you do that contribute to the safety of the patients treated in your hospital? Which of the following lifesavers apply to you?

Orange – You are on the team that develops protocols for the various units in your hospital.

Lime – You have worked with your nursing staff and your hospital has achieved Magnet status.

Pineapple – You often work with the Quality Improvement team.

Cherry – You attend the M & M meetings.

Grape – You are a clinical librarian.

There are several other lifesaver flavors, and many other library-related activities that contribute to the safety of hospital patients. Can you think of others that you are involved with? What flavor are YOU?

Share your contributions with your colleagues! Contact Barb Jones (jonesbarb or @BarbJones17) to tell your story. Or comment right here on this blog!

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Lorri Zipperer said...

As National Patient Safety Awareness week looms, I hope to hear some stories shared here. I have mine, I KNOW mine! but there must be a few others out there.